Monday, March 14, 2011

Much to my sisters dismay.....

I don't blog enough. That's probably because
nothing all too interesting happens in my life these days. However, spring
is on the horizon and with  good weather comes great adventures. 
Yesterday, was a beautiful, sunny, Sunday. I took the time to  go outside
in my backyard, and simply lay on the grass with my dogs. The feeling of
the sun on my face was amazing, and it got me really excited for spring/summer.
ROXY. My beloved pup....
They loved the sunshine, too.

I have my own personal list of what I want to get accomplished this summer...
1. Earn as much money as currently possible.
2. Look for a place to move out. (if number 1 permits)
3. Drive to the countryside and visit my family.
4. Take as many pictures as I can.
5. Progress in making more music with Kaitie, maybe even an EP.
6. Go to all the good concerts, not missing a beat.
7. CALIFORNIA!!!!! Self explanatory
8. Swim lots and lots, go to sliding  rock, provo river, and any other body of water.
9. Hang out with my sisters, and family.
10. Have the best summer of my young life.
(to be continued....)
I SHOULD have my new laptop by then, so it will be a lot easier to blog more frequently...
Until then, bear with me with my measly, uninteresting posts. Promise they will get better.

 This song always comes to me on sunny peaceful days. A family favorite. Enjoy.