Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who knew?

Today I was inspired to make a blog.
So I did just that.
Here's to the beginning, of a documentation 
of my mysterious mind.
Let's get this show on the road...

 My best friend Kaitie and I are in a band.
We released the demo of our first song called "Slumber" 
and I am touched to say the least. 
The turn out has been amazing, and we are inspired to create more.
Here you go......
Music isn't just...music to us.
It is part of who we are.
When I listen to music I feel it.
The best artists write and play music with 
a deep love and passion for their songs.
The best artists have the ability to get others to 
feel their emotions through their song,
and often move them to tears. 
                                                       -That right there, would be our goal.
Kaitie and I are alike in the sense
that many songs bring us to tears
solely because music IS our passion.
The music lives in us.
It is definitely beneficial to be best friends with 
someone as talented as Kaitlan Ann Forbes.
Thanks Katniss. :)